Algeria [Lesson 2, Sheet 4]

Why is Algeria the first country we decided to explore? Mainly because it starts with an A and is top of the alphabetical countries list just behind Afghanistan and Albania! We wanted to start with an African country as we believe that many TASKers might need to brush up on their African knowledge – its too easy to think of Africa as one whole rather than its multiple parts.

Our country geography worksheet is deliberately similar for most countries. Heres Algeria’s:

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Heres our suggested learning:

Algeria Wikipedia page [5-10 mins, but allow longer to follow links for further knowledge]

Geography Now! Algeria (youTube video) [7:38]

TripAdviser Algeria things to do [5-10 mins, extra 10 mins to look up the places that interest you]

Why do Algeria and Morocco hate each other? (youTube video) [2:10]



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