All About Wine [Lesson 1, Sheets 1-3]

Ordering wine at a restaurant is one of the first parts of being an adult that regularly scares people. Stop passing this off to your companions by brushing up on some simple wine facts. The simplest concept to get across straight away is that trying lots of different wines is encouraged, so you can never really look foolish!

The worksheets explore Grapes & Regions, Ordering Wine, and Wine Labels.

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Heres our suggested learning:

Wine Folly – Wine basics [2 min browse, 10 mins to get lost in lovely graphics]

How to pronounce wines (youTube video) [4:37]

Wikipedia – Wine regions [2 mins browse, 5-10 mins to delve into some regions]

Wine Folly – Ordering wine at a restaurant (video)  [3:25]

Tim Geiser – How to taste wine like a pro [20 mins, but well worth it]


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