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Task University is still building a solid content base

Task University is still in it’s start up phase – we’re slowly building up content so that our first members have good value from membership. If you would like to teach our future members ‘Things Adults Should Know’ please get in touch by emailing All lessons and instructors considered!



TASK – Things Adults Should Know.

We all find ourselves in situations where our own lack of knowledge causes an embarrassment or a faux pas. Often we think that someday we will learn these things. Task University gives you a great place to start. We provide fun and interesting lessons along with worksheets to fill out as you go – cementing the knowledge by ‘doing’ and giving you concrete evidence of the knowledge you have learned so far. Task University will help you to:

  • Excel at small talk, with knowledge and properly formed opinions to share
  • Understand the basics of many subjects as they are raised in conversation
  • Mix with social circles that may have previously been closed to you
  • Impress your superiors and clients
  • Expand your general knowledge for pleasure
  • Gain a sense of accomplishment and identity

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While Task University is still in it’s start up phase, we’re giving away FREE lifetime memberships to anyone who wants one! Why? So that we can get feedback, improve how we’ve started our site and encouragement to continue the journey quickly to build the site to a level worth paid membership and beyond. The site may have little content now, but with FREE lifetime membership, you’ll have access to all our upcoming content (including digital courses and books) for free for life.

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How does TASK University organise it’s lessons?

We number our lessons and our worksheets.

Worksheets are numbered in the order that they are produced, so if you only complete Geography worksheets you will have a mix of sheet numbers.

Lessons are also numbered in the order that they are produced, but sometimes a lesson has more than one worksheet. So Worksheets also show lesson numbers plus a, b, c etc to show that the page belongs to a multi-worksheet lesson.

We use icons to show what subject the worksheet belongs to, and you can search for lessons in one category by selecting that category from the Lessons sub menu.

Each lesson has an introduction, worksheet downloads (for members only) and suggested learning resources. We let you know how long each learning resource is likely to take to absorb.


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